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In day to day life, sewing is all around us. From the clothes you wear to the people you know. Sewing is a special skill to have and one of the most useful. Ever since the sewing machine was invented in 1790, it has been a necessity to have a sewing machine table to work on. Sewing machine tables not only make life more convenient, but they also increase productivity and efficiency. This is why you need the best sewing machine table.

So the most important question is, which sewing machine table do you need? Well, it all depends on your needs, many sewers won’t know this, especially if you have never owned a sewing machine table before. Different sewing machines require different tables, essentially some sewing machines are not compatible with all tables. Therefore researching before you spend your money is essential to ensuring you get what you need without stress.

Luckily for you, I have spent an entire week researching this, to ensure you get the best possible idea of what you need.  If you are struggling to know which features you need, then check our buying guide out at the bottom of this article.

1) Sew Ready Eclipse Table

Sew Ready Eclipse Table ReviewThe Sew Ready Eclipse is a very unique design, it screams simplicity while maintaining useful features. It has a nice open work area, allowing space for your fabrics to rest while you sewing them. It has a nice indented area to place your sewing machine, this should keep it level with the part of the desk where the fabric rests for easy gliding. It also has draws for your fabrics/accessories, something which most desks do not have. Think of this sewing machine table as a more practical use desk.

Note: There are no maximum weight specifications as far as we can see, I have successfully tested this at 50 pounds and there were no issues. 


  • Very Practical with Features
  • Indented Sewing Machine Area
  • Large Work Area
  • Adjustable Desk Height
  • Left Hand Side Folds Inwards for Smaller Spaces


  • Vibrates at Maximum Speed Sewing
  • No Maximum Weight Specified

Important Information

  • Dimensions – 60.2 x 23.8 x 29.2 inches
  • Sewing Machine Table Weight – 48 pounds
  • Shipping Weight – 52.1 pounds
  • No Maximum Weight Specifications


The sew ready eclipse sewing machine table is a great product, it’s feature-rich. It’s mainly aimed at sewers who use slower stitching speeds and don’t have a heavy sewing machine. It’s great for practicality, but if you are concerned about health and safety, I would avoid this due to the maximum weight being specified.

The table does not fold up and is quite a pest to move. So I consider this more of a permanent addition to a work area. The left-hand side of the table folds inwards for those who need extra space while not using the sewing machine table.

Overall I would recommend this to those on a budget who are casual sewers.

2) Sullivans 12575 Sewing Table

Sullivans Sewing Table ReviewThe Sullivans 12575 sewing table is a great addition to have in your home. It’s clean, it’s modern and it’s simple. Getting down to the nitty-gritty, the desk its self has four drawers. This gives you plenty of room for storage of fabrics & accessories. It has caster wheels for portability so you can move it around your room with ease.

It’s surprisingly sturdy but it can only handle a max of 35 pounds, meaning this some sewing machine won’t be suitable for this sewing machine table. The side does fold down into the drawers, so essentially it becomes a set of drawers. This improves portability massively and increases room space when not in use. Lastly, the drawers can be built on either the left or the right side depending on which you prefer. If you are right-handed, it would be best to put the drawers on the right-hand side.


  • Very Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Clean, Minimalist Design
  • Foldable
  • Right or Left Handed Design


  • Non-Adjustable Height
  • Low Maximum Weight 35 Pounds

Important Information

  • Product Dimensions – 32 x 9 x 21.5 inches
  • Assembled Height – 21.5 inches
  • Assembled Width – 9 inches
  • Shipping Weight – 75 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommended – 35 pounds


Overall the Sullivans 12575 sewing machine table is a great choice, it provides portability, great aesthetics, sturdiness, and storage. It’s relatively easy to build and it folds up. A majority of sewing machines will be fine on this desk, although those with heavier models need to check their sewing machines’ weight. I would definitely recommend this to beginner sewers due to the simplicity of the desk with all the features a beginner needs.

3) Holly and Martin SEI Lydia

Holy and Martin SEI Lydia ReviewThis simple, small & white sewing machine table is clean and effective. It has storage units on the side of it for all your accessories, although it has no real room for fabrics. It has an underneath the shelf to hold your sewing machine when it’s not in use, and it has a foldable top to reduce the space it uses.

I have not personally tried this sewing machine table, but have heard this one is quite tricky to build. It does not have any details regarding the shipping weight nor the maximum weight, so if you are unsure it might be best to avoid.


  • Folds for Easier Storage
  • Portable with Caster Wheels
  • Extension for Larger Projects
  • Simple Aesthetics for Bright Home
  • Sewing Machine Shelf
  • Relatively Small for Small Rooms
  • Sturdy for Higher Speed SewinG


  • Relatively Difficult to Build

Important Information

  • Dimensions: 31.5″ W x 19″ D x 29.5 With Extension Table Down
  • Dimensions: 51″ W x 19″ D x 29.5 With Extension Table Up
  • Area under table measures 20″ W x 19″ D x 29.25″ H
  • Footrest area measures 20″ W x 10.25″ D x 22.5″ H with an additional 4.25″ backboard under desk
  • 2 side shelves measure 8.25″ W x 9″ D x 12.25″ H


Overall this is a clean sewing machine table that’s built for sturdiness and portability. It’s specially designed for small rooms, so people who live in small homes or student accommodation would be more suited for this sewing machine.

It comes with an extension table which is brilliant for those who deal with larger projects such as quilting. Finally, this has some storage for your accessories. I think this is quite a good sewing machine table if it fits your needs.

Buyers Guide

Above, I have done a quick review of the best sewing machine tables. In my honest opinion, they are the best sewing machine tables as of 2020, so the only decision you need to make is which one fits your specific needs. Below, I have written a small guide on all the different needs you may have, and what you need to keep an eye out for when selecting a sewing machine table.

Work Space

Having enough workspace may be an obvious need, but it’s surprising how many people don’t consider this enough in-depth. The worst outcome is you spend quite a bit of money on a sewing machine table and it turns out to be too small for your needs. When selecting a table, make sure you check the measurements and measure it up in your home. I recommend comparing the measurements to something like a dining table, or a coffee table so you have a better insight into how much room you will have.

Size of Sewing Machine

The size of the sewing machine is definitely a variable that is overlooked. Different sewing machine tables are designed for different size sewing machines. Some advice, decide which sewing machine you are going to buy (if you haven’t already got one) and then jot down a list of sewing machine tables that can accommodate your sewing machine. You can then check each one against the other factors in this buying guide. This tip will make deciding a lot more structured and easier.


How much does your sewing machine weigh? This is a very important consideration, especially for health and safety. Those who are elderly, or who are small need to take extra consideration because the last thing you want is the sewing machine table breaking and a heavy sewing machine falling on you.

Sewing machine tables support different weights, in our reviews above we have listed the weight which the table can uphold, so make sure you take this into consideration with the weight of your sewing machine to protect both your table and yourself.

Enough Space at Home

This is a consideration that I actually failed to adhere to with my sewing machine table and it was a very annoying mistake. You need to make sure you have chosen a place where you want the sewing machine table where it will fit in. When I purchased mine I forgot to do this, and now it’s quite ugly when it’s on display because I cannot have it where I originally wanted it to due to the size restrictions caused by my furniture. Some sewing machine tables are portable so you can put them away if needed, but I personally don’t like having to put it away and get it out every time so my intention was to have a permanent spot for it.


This is important to some, not for others. This is purely for personal preference. The appearance can matter quite a lot, so what do I mean by this? Well consider the color, does it fit with the color scheme of your room if you have one. Does your living room have a vintage look? If so you properly don’t want a modern looking sewing machine table. Most importantly, do you think it looks nice? You don’t want to have a table that you hate looking at.


The cost is the final call, as mentioned above, you should now have a list of sewing machines that all meet your needs. Go through each one and remove any from the list that does not fit your budget. The remaining sewing machine tables on the list, go through each one and see which table provides the most value for you personally. Remember, a higher price tag doesn’t always mean it will be better, but its generally the rule of thumb with products.

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