Brother ST531HD Review

Why Did We Perform the Brother ST531HD Review?

Brother ST531HDI hope you will agree with me when I say, daily tasks are a million times easier with a good sewing machine.

Having the perfect sewing machine ensures you complete projects, faster, easier and to a professional standard. That is why we performed the Brother ST531HD review, because this sewing machine is perfect.

Features of the Brother ST531HD Sewing Machine

The Brother ST531HD reviews boasts impressive features. It’s always great to get a good understanding of every feature the sewing machine has to offer before you decide to purchase it. The following are all the features of the Brother Sewing machine and their benefits:

  • 37 Unique Built-in Stitches: The Brother ST531HD has been designed to be extremely versatile, It comes with 37 unique stitches which is always important for those who love to be creative and want more stitch options to choose from. This is great for beginners who are starting to learn how to use sewing machine because it means they can get creative right from the beginning of using it. It also has a drop feed feature which enables you to free motion sew if that is something you desire in a sewing machine. Never the less, 37 unique stitches is always a great thing, I normally recommend over 15 on a sewing machine.


  • Needles: The Brother ST531HD sewing machine includes a #11 needle which is specially used for lightweight fabrics such as silk. A #14 needle which is used for sewing layers of fabric together and finally a #16 needle which is used for heavy weight fabrics such as denim. This is a great additional feature for the sewing machine as it enables you to sew all types of fabrics straight out of the box. It also reassures you that the sewing machine was designed for all types of fabrics and will provide a perfect sewing experience for them.


  • Easy Stitch Selector: Can you remember when you had to go searching through the sewing machine manual to find which stitch number you need? Well Brother definitely know that it’s a pain. This Brother sewing machine has all the stitches and numbers labelled on the front of the sewing machine next to the easy stitch selector to allow you to pick which one you need without any thought at all. Good right? It’s always these little features that make me realise Brother are actually listening to our feedback and coming up with solutions.


  • Heavy Fabrics: Since the Brother is a heavy-duty sewing machine, it has been designed to tackle heavy fabrics such as denim and outdoor type fabrics. As mentioned above, some users have reported it tackling up to 6 layers of denim at once, which is astonishing for the price of this sewing machine in comparison to other alternatives. So if you are into heavy fabrics, then this sewing machine may definitely be for you, but I would make sure you are satisfied with all the other features of the sewing machine.


  • Easy threading system: The Brother ST531HD sewing machine comes with a very easy threading system, all you have to do I push the lever on the side of the sewing machine and automatically pushes the thread straight through the needle. This feature is on a lot of sewing machine in different styles, but I especially love the style that Brother have done on this sewing machine as it is so easy to use and avoids all eye strain.



The biggest benefit for this machine is quite an obvious one, yet for some reason other Brother ST531HD reviews miss it out. It handles heavy fabrics and multiple layers amazingly and has no issues at all dealing with them. This is extremely beneficial to people who are quilting and sewing denim because a lot of other sewing machines that claim to be able to deal with those fabrics, simply cannot do it to a high quality. Brother have really exceeded expectations on this one and it lives up to its name of a heavy-duty sewing machine. Now considering how great this heavy-duty sewing machine is, its also extremely portable. So, if you do travel a lot and like to sew on holiday or repair going out outfits that might have ripped on a night out. You can do this due to the light weight of this sewing machine.


There is a big downside to this machine. This may bother some people, but to others it may not matter due to the impressive benefits. In our review of the Brother ST531HD sewing machine, we stated that it was heavy-duty. To be fair, Brother do advertise it as heavy-duty, so we are simply relaying the message, but most of the parts are plastic. If you have had experience with sewing machines like we have, then you will know that plastic parts are not as durable as the high-quality metal parts such as aluminium. Heavy-duty sewing machines tend to be built from more durable materials than plastic, but the Brother ST531HD is not. I think this is the biggest downfall for the Brother ST531HD, but as I said, this still would not put me off purchasing one due to the quality it can produce with extremely heavy fabrics.

What Do the Customers Think?

Other Brother ST531HD reviews do not state what the customers think. I think it’s an important addition to a full review as it gives an unbiased opinion.

Most customers absolutely adore this sewing for one reason and one reason only. They can sew multiple layers of heavy fabrics such as denim or seat belt webbing at once.  Other users do have some complaints about the plastic parts mentioned above when the sewing machine is advertised as heavy duty, but the majority don’t care because of the quality that this sewing machine produces. There have been a minority of users also state that the LED is dull, so if you are looking for a sewing machine that you can use at night, then this may not be for you.

Brother ST531HD Reviews Verdict 

Unlike other Brother ST531HD reviews, I give this sewing machine a big thumbs up for people wanting to deal with heavy fabrics. It performs extremely well with fabrics such as denim and seat belt webbing, it can also deal with medium to light weight fabrics such as silk. The sewing machine comes packed with handy little features to make your sewing experience a lot more enjoyable such as the easy threading system.

Brother are also a company that consistently produces quality, and not just in the sewing machine market, so this is no surprise to me. I would personally recommend this to beginners due to ease of use. So overall I really like this machine and would definitely recommend it to a friend.

If you enjoyed this review, you may enjoy our review on the Juki TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine. Please drop us a comment if you have any suggestions on what we should review next!


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