Brother XR3140 Review

For anyone that wants a new sewing machine, or wants to upgrade their previous sewing machine, knows that it is important to get one with the features needed for a person’s requirements. In this post, we perform the Brother XR3140 sewing machine review while giving an overview of what will come with it. Due to the Brother XR3140 being discontinued, you can check out the successor sewing machine that Brother have created. It’s an upgraded version of the Brother XR3140. The Brother XR3140 has surpassed our expectations massively, we definetly recommend it. Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons (We could not really find a real con for this sewing machine, it was built perfectly!)


  • 140 Unique Stitches
  • Buttonhole foot which automatically adjusts to buttons
  • Eight different styles of buttonholes
  • Extended table for larger projects
  • Extraordinarily smooth and even stitching with most materials
  • Variable speed control
  • Black back-lit LCD screen to view and adjust settings
  • Multiple feet for different styles of sewing like quilting
  • Smaller surface when you remove extender for sleeves
  • 25 years warranty to suggest reliability and durability


The Brother XR3140 is a great sewing machine. It comes with a lot of sewing machine features and we have a guide on all the sewing machine parts if you do need a quick reminder. It comes with a magnificent 140 unique stitches that are displayed on the top of the sewing machine cover and also displayed on the front. This is exceptionally convenient for most sewers (Including myself) The Brother XR3140 sewing machine has been designed the customer in mind. It has built-in stitches for gathering, blind hems, elastic attachments, satin stitching, topstitching, and it also had the 55 alphanumeric stitches which are for basic monogramming. These all come together to provide utterly professional results. I own the Brother XR3140 sewing machine and I use it quite a lot. I have to say it feels like a really high-quality sewing machine, especially when working on big projects. This is why I decided to perform the Brother XR3140 review because it screams quality!

If you do want to check out the manual beforehand, here is the Brother XR3140 manual.

Button Holes

The XR3140 also includes a one-step buttonhole foot which is designed to fit your buttonholes automatically. This makes sewing buttonholes extremely easy and it comes with eight different styles of buttonholes too. To put the icing on the cake, the button sewing foot in the XR3140 makes it easy to attach buttons. Although some sewers may think one-stop buttonholes are not an exciting feature. It helps a lot for beginners and those who sew buttonholes on a regular basis.

Table & Legs

One thing you will like about this specific sewing machine is it comes with a large table as an attachment. This means that when you are dealing with larger projects such as quilts and draperies, you will have plenty of room for sewing (Pretty nice huh?). The table that comes as an attachment slides on exceptionally easily, I think this is the easiest one I have used personally. To add to that the legs that come with the table are extra sturdy, so there will be no need to worry about it moving while sewing. I know, I keep bragging about these little features, but it’s the small details that come together to make sewing so easy!

Yes, the Brother XR3140 Keeps getting better!

Brother has also made an exceptional advancement with this sewing machine, they have focused on the smoothness. I think it is safe to say that anyone who owns the Brother XR3140 computerized sewing machine appreciates how smooth it is with various fabrics. The variable speed control allows extra control when sewing to add to quality sewing. I apologize if this Brother XR3140 review is starting to sound like an advert, but I like to list every single feature of a sewing machine so buyers can make a fully informed decision for their selves. So to keep the ball rolling the XR3140 has a black backlit LCD screen that allows you to view your current settings and change them easily. The advanced needle threading system will enable you to thread your needles with just a little touch of a lever.

This sewing machine also comes with multiple feet, including the following.

  • Zigzag foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • ¼ of an inch piecing foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Spring action quilting foot
  • Blind Stitch foot
  • Overcasting foot

The quick-change lever makes it incredibly easy to change the foot whenever you want to do a different style of quilting. To me, this is very convenient. Now if you are into quilting on your sewing machines, then this next part will be of use to you. The Brother XR3140 allows you to drop the feed dogs that will enable you to do free motion quilting quite quickly. It comes with a spring action quilting foot and also a quarter-inch piecing foot. The zipper foot that comes with this sewing machine allows you to add zippers onto your project efficiently; this is a bonus to many sewing machines.

It’s the small things that matter!

While performing the Brother XR3140 computerized sewing machine review, I decided to focus on the little features as well. I think the little features are what makes this machine great in every way! The sewing machine itself comes with a small surface. When you remove the table from the sewing machine, the small surface enables you to quickly focus on sewing the sleeves of a piece of closing. The sewing machine comes with a blind stitch foot as stated above. The benefits of this are that it makes blind hems incredibly easy to do. The comprehensive benefit to the XR3140 is that it’s an electronic sewing machine.

This means you can easily select your stitches and settings with the push-button stitch controls and then check your settings by viewing the backlit LCD screen which has been designed to be easy to read. The benefit of buying a Brother sewing machine is that it comes with an exclusive top load drop-in bobby and four bobbins which stay in place to helps provide excellent quality of even stitching. The see-through cover makes it easy to see how much bobbin thread you have left. Thread cutters are located on the bobbin winder, Quick-set bobbin case, and the sewing machines side.


The Brother XR3140 sewing machine is 5.75″ in height and 3.90″s in width. The sewing machine itself weight approximately 11.02 pounds. These dimensions and weight mean it is the perfect sewing machine to take travelling. As a lot of people love to take their sewing machine on holiday with them it could be the perfect gift. After all, this review is a very positive review.


To conclude, this sewing machine is amazing. There are a lot of tips and tricks you can do with it once you are familiar. It comes with easy to read instructions for those who may not be very familiar with sewing machines or computerized sewing machines. For those who like a reliable and durable sewing machine. This one comes with a 25-year warranty. Perfect for those who wish to become an expert with a sewing machine and keep it for a very long time. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the Brother XR3140 sewing machine. All the features I need are there. I struggle to think of any criticism when it comes to this specific model. Which is again why this might sound like an advert. Trust me it is not, it is just an amazing piece of kit!

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