How to Buy a Sewing Machine: In-Depth Guide

Are you wondering how to buy a sewing machine? I personally think trying to find the best sewing machine available on the market can be overwhelming. Which is why I am here to help. With sewing machines ranging in price, it is hard to determine which one suits your budget and needs. My sewing machine is probably the most important and the largest investment I have ever made and the same should apply to you. Before making a choice, you need to take time to compare many brands and read customer reviews. Fortunately for you, my blog has in-depth sewing machine reviews that you can read.

What is a Sewing Machine?

Some of you may not know what a sewing machine is, so I decided to summarize it here for you. The sewing machine is a type of machine utilized to sew together fabric as well as other materials along with thread. It essentially is a TOOL which helps you speed up the sewing process. The sewing machine was invented in the 1st Industrial Revolution. It was designed to lessen the load of sewing work manually done in clothing industries. Sewing machines in today’s world have quite a lot of parts that may be overwhelming for you. So I decided to compile a list of all the parts of a sewing machine & described their functions here.


Types of Sewing Machines Available

A sewing machine is available in various kinds. So you have to consider the types of machine you need for the specific job. Here are the various kinds of sewing machines available.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

The mechanical sewing machine is getting rare. This is because the electronic type and other newest technological sewing machines are being introduced and used. Mechanical sewing machines offer basic functions. You need to operate it manually or by hand and that may be hard for you. Mechanical sewing machines are just ideal for light to medium weight material or fabric.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

Electronic Sewing Machines

The electric sewing machine replaced the mechanical type by making the job simpler and easier through the use of electric power. It comes with a motor which controls the needle. Thus you can get great sewing speed, jerk-free working, high precision as well as better control in stitching. The built-in motor is operated by the foot pedal, so your hands are free; thus, you guide the material easily, in the feeding mechanism. LCD buttons, and dial are provided on the electric sewing machines to choose the controls.

Electric Sewing machine

Computerized Types of Sewing Machines

This is the newest type of sewing machine and is also considered the most powerful one. This is state of the art technology which generated high-quality stitching for me. It is integrated with advanced features like a buttonhole, buttonhole formation, sewing speed, tension control, and many others. Touchscreen LCD is also integrated to make the operation and control easier. Computerized sewing machines are expensive and mostly utilized by experts. If you’re looking to begin from the basic to the expert level in professional and superior stitching, computerized sewing machine is the best start.

Computerized Sewing Machine

Serger Machines

Also identified as the overlocking sewing machine, the Serger sewing machines are is simply utilized to overlock or seam the fabric. It is executed by sewing/joining the corners or edges of the material together, which can be hard to stitch. Tailors and experts mostly utilize this sewing machine to provide a finalized as well as finishing touches to the fabric being sewed. There are a lot of stitch patterns, which this sewing machine could make that range from a one-threaded overlock to five-threaded overlocks stitches.

Serger Sewing machine

Key Features to Look for in a Sewing Machine

When you are looking to buy a sewing machine, there are some key features that you need to look for. If you do not look into all of the key features then you may end up with a sewing machine that you don’t like. Below are our choice of key features.


Size is a very important to consider when buying a sewing machine. Consider whether you will use the sewing machine in a multi-function area or you’ll be setting it up in a dedicated space. If you travel a lot, then look for a sewing machine which is light enough to be packed away with ease. If you work with heavier materials and upholstery must buy a solid sewing machine. Before buying a sewing machine, know which kind of fabrics you would utilize the most.

Ease of Use

A sewing machine can be extremely basic to very complicated. An electric sewing machine is more complicated to use. If you are a newbie, buy a basic machine which allows you to alter the needle and presser foot, wind the bobbin as well as make buttonholes with ease. Try and test some basic sewing methods that you utilize on the machine which you’re interested in to purchase.

Solid Construction

A tough and high-quality sewing machine should not have pieces which can be snapped off easily. Choose one which operates quietly. To make an informed choice, ask yourself a couple of questions. What kind of things do you sew, clothing, bags, etc.? Are you interested in machine embroidery or machine quilting? How much money you’re willing to invest in this machine? Which features are vital? Are you a newbie, intermediate, or an advanced sewer?


A basic sewing machine must have the following features:

  • Excellent built-in lighting
  • Adjustable needle position
  • Walking foot
  • Nice stitch quality
  • Stitch adjustment
  • Free Arm
  • A bobbin that is easy to wind
  • Stitch width control
  • Stitch length control

There are lots of other optional features which aren’t essential for a newbie such as:

  • Extra presser foot
  • Speed control
  • Digital embroidery and sewing machine
  • One step buttonhole function
  • Decorative stitches
  • Up and down needle position button


As stated above, price discrepancy can be considerable. Like with other things in life, usually you are likely to get what you pay for.

Think carefully regarding your financial limitations. How vital is the price for you? If you’re a student on a tight budget, simply starting your view of the price will be different to which someone with their own business and a lot of years of practice.

A high-quality sewing machine is expensive. With plastic machines, you’ll notice a significant decrease in sewing quality. Keeping precise movement is harder with this kind of model. Lastly, if you choose to purchase a cheaper sewing machine, you need to be realistic about what you look forward to it. A lot of unenthusiastic reviews of affordable sewing tools are more down the fact which the client anticipated too much for the money spent instead of outright defects in the machine itself.


Making your choice based on how and where to use the machine is critical. The outright newbie must prioritize user-friendliness together with a decent array of basic sews. You don’t want to be put off before get going properly.

Equally obviously, seasoned and skilled sewers will put a premium on the superior features that are just not available on the cheap types or those purely targeted at the beginner.

One vital question worth thinking is how you intend using the sewing machine. If you intend to use it for basic repairs or use at a low level, then your needs will vary from those who like to learn and steps forward to more complicated and ambitious projects. If you imagine a move to more complicated and intricate projects, then look for something well-suited for any level of projects instead of buying another sewing machine the moment you outgrow the kit you start on.


What you intended to do with the sewing machine must inform your decision in buying one. For basic repairs or a simple modification of garment, a simple starter machine with a dozen sews, or a stitch is perfectly enough.

A buttonhole stitch is vital if you like to your skill at dressmaking. Once you know beforehand that you’re likely to want to work with sleeves or pant legs, buy a sewing machine with free arm feature. Quilting and embroidery are demanding discipline that needs different types of stitches. In case you are working with home furnishing and upholstery, you need to find a sewing machine which can work with heavier materials with ease.

A few people consider what they will utilize the sewing machine for, and a result makes the wrong option. You need to avoid this thing from happening.


Another essential factor to consider when buying a sewing machine for the first time is storage. The significance of portability and mobility depends on whether the sewing machine will have a stable place or home on a dedicated sewing table or have to be assembled and packed away regularly.

In case the sewing machine stays on a dedicated sewing table, and you don’t need to bring it to and from anywhere else, then the weight is not a factor to stress about.

Once you have a place of putting the sewing machine away if it is not in the case then consider how easy the unit is to lift and precisely where you’ll put it. This factor can influence your choice.


It’s advisable to purchase a sewing machine from a reliable company or established brands which have good technical records. You can either buy the machine online or call a dealer. Once you buy or order online, ensure the retailer is an authorized dealer for the brand.

Some of the most popular brands of sewing machines today include:


There are a lot of types of sewing machines available on the market at this point. Some are better than others. Some are equipped with state of the features to make your job easier and faster. It is very important to choose a machine that meets your budget and your sewing needs. So, careful assessment is critical.

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