Singer 4452 Review

Singer Heavy-Duty 4452 Review

Singer 4452 reviewAre you one of those DIY people who like to craft out things yourself? Have you recently turned into a mother or even a grandmother and want to pamper your little precious with handmade clothes? Are you a designer who is looking to pimp up the world but need the basic instruments to start? Even if this does not fit the scenario, your mere visit here tells us that you are looking for a quality sewing machine. So you will be pleased to know that our review of the Singer 4452 proves it to be an exceptional sewing machine for the price tag.

With everything continuously changing, one thing never gets out of fashion: clothes. There will always be the need to design and give the world reason to dress up. Whatever the reason for your search for a sewing machine, you don’t have to tear apart the web in search for it anymore. No matter from which part of the world we come from, we have all heard of Singer sewing machines. This brand has been around for very long and has earned its name. Rightfully so, since the quality of their machines is exceptional especially in their Singer Heavy-Duty 4452 Portable Sewing Machine

To meet the needs of the world today, they have provided their customers with a number of portable sewing machines. Out of those, Singer heavy-duty 4452 is amongst the best. If you have decided to get a sewing machine, you should consider this one. In our Singer 4452 review below, we list all the reasons why you should buy this sewing machine.

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Singer Heavy-Duty 4452 Portable Sewing Machine Features:

Singer 4452 Metal frameThe Singer Heavy-Duty 4452 Portable Sewing Machine comes with quite a number of features. The best feature by far is it’s sturdy metal frame to create supreme stability. It also creates elegant garments with a good finish. If you aren’t already convinced, some of those features have been discussed below:

  • Variety of Stitches: The Singer 4452 provides a large variety of stitches to cater to all the needs you have for a sewing machine. If you are making clothes, a decorative home piece or just a DIY craft, this will not disappoint you with the types of stitching it provides. It has 32 built-in stitches. Out of these, 6 of them are basic, 18 decorative and 7 are stretch. There is also an option for automatic stitch and a 1-step buttonhole. There are not many companies that provide such a large variety of stitches.


  • Automatic Threading: This machine provides you with the feature of automatically following the threading path printed on the machine. With this built-in feature, you are sure to enjoy a strain-free and a comfortable stitching experience. You will not get frustrated by the attention you have to provide to put the thread in the needle.


  • Assistant App and Online Classes: If you are a newbie at using sewing machines, fear not. Because Singer provides you with the option of having a professional teacher at your fingertips. You can learn to use your sewing machine by following online tutorials that they provide. You can also download their app to get the assistance you need in order to get started.


  • Professional Finish: One of the major features that a fashion industry looks at is the finishing of a stitch. If stitching of a suit is not professional, no matter how eye-catching the cloth is, people will not be inclined towards buying that suit. The finish of the stitches made by the machine matters a lot. This portable heavy-duty machine provides you with a professional finish in no time. You don’t have to sit with the machine all day in order for your stitches to look perfect. This machine will do the work for you. In all of our sewing machine reviews, especially the Singer 4452 review, we think that a professional finish is the most looked upon feature when deciding if a sewing machine is a good value for money.


  • Bobbin Thread System: The bobbin is loaded from the top, therefore it becomes easy to insert. This machine also comes with a transparent cover making it easy to monitor the bobbin thread supply.


  • High Speed Stitching: With life becoming busier by the day, who wouldn’t want a machine that gives fast results with a quality finish? This machine gives you a speed of 1,100 stitches in a minute. This gets you free from your project faster so that you have more time at your disposal to start with newer products.


  • Motor of Sewing Machine: The Singer 4452 claims to have a 60% stronger motor system. With this strength, the machine stitches through heavy fabrics with ease. You wouldn’t have to worry about the thickness while buying a piece of beautiful fabric to stitch into curtains or anything for that matter.


  • Heavy-duty Metal Frame: The inner construction of this machine is made up of a heavy-duty metal. This provides a strong skeleton that holds everything in perfect alignment. This also makes the machine durable giving you the product worth your money.


  • Added Accessories: The Singer 4452 comes with added accessories. These include a walking foot. This provides help with multiple layers of fabric. It includes a non-stick foot that is especially designed for lather and vinyl work. To get you started, this also comes with a 5-pack needles of size 16. This machine also comes loaded with must-have accessories. This is a bonus feature. Who doesn’t enjoy a few added accessories with the things they buy.


  • Portability: This is the single most important feature people look for these days. Due to the small size and a weight of around 17.4 pounds, this can be easily carried from one room of the house to another to give you the ease and comfortably of environment in which you want to work in.

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Singer Heavy-Duty 4452 Portable Sewing Machine Customer Feedback:

The feedback of this product has been generally positive. The people who have bought this machine have been happy with the results this sewing machine gives. The ease with which it stitches through heavy fabrics is what astonishes most buyers. There have not been many complaints regarding this machine, although, if there have been any, they were regarding smaller features. To add to this, it has been one of amazons best sellers among the heavy duty sewing machines. These reviews actually complement our review of the Singer 4452 as we think this may be one of the best value for money sewing machine machines on the market.


If you are going through a research phase about buying a quality sewing machine, you should not waste any more time. This Singer Heavy-Duty 4452 Portable Sewing Machine from one of the most well-reputed brands provides you with professional results in no time.

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